initio power cable

initio power cable

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High end, hi-fi enthusiasts take it as gospel, but sound and electrical engineers take it as snake-oil: that power cords have an influence on the sound quality of audio components. Even for us, it took some time to convince us of the importance of power cords. However, what we listened, we discovered much more than we had counted on!

VOVOX® initio power is a power cable for connecting audio components to 110 V / 230 V mains voltage. It is based on the same principals using the same premium quality materials as all VOVOX® sound conductors.

Can a power cable affect sound quality?

This is a good question. Still, we are not able to answer it to the satisfaction of all people as it’s just not possible to refer to proven statements. Several theories exist on this matter but they are nothing more than a glorified hypothesis. During the development of VOVOX® power cables the aim was not to prove a theoretic concept but rather to implement a simple yet very surprising finding: power cables built on the same design and selected materials of our analog signal cables had an audible effect. This was extremely surprising since power cables do not inherently transmit audio signals. It is not our intention to proof something with our power cords: we simply want to offer our customers the possibility to share a discovery and to participate to its advantage.

Minimized Boundary Surfaces

Cables have many surfaces, or more precisely expressed, boundary surfaces, like the grain boundaries in copper, or the boundary between the conductor surface and the insulation. Each boundary is a source of imperfection. VOVOX® sound conductors are made of single solid core conductors. Using this construction, the total boundary surface is reduced by up to 90% compared to stranded wires.

What is the benefit of VOVOX® power strips?

The internal wiring of VOVOX® power strips are made of the high class VOVOX® textura power conductors. To have an optimal effect, the power cord needs to have a certain minimum length. If the cable is shorter, the effect will be reduced. For VOVOX® power cables this length is about 1.8 m (6 ft). Due to the special internal wiring of the VOVOX® textura power distribution, also shorter power cables can be connected without loss of sound quality. The minimum length is reached by the addition of the power cable to the device plus the connecting cable to the power distribution.

Made in Switzerland