sCLK-EX New Clock Board

sCLK-EX New Clock Board

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The new clock board is available to output 4 points, so it could be connected to M/B, Lan port, tX-USBexp or tX-USBhubIN and another point at the same time by “a single sCLK-EX board”. The performance and features have been very much upgraded and improved than the current clock, so it will be a worthy challenge and news for all computer audiophile users.

Also the sCLK-EX can be synchronized to the external clock, so it can be synchronized with Rubidium or Reference clock.

Key Feature

Ultra low phase noise custom design oscillation circuit

Dual clock system for dX-USB HD, iM-USB HD, sMS-1000SQ and etc : Clock select input

Single clock system for tX-USBexp, tX-USBhub and etc

Wide operating voltage input range

Ultra low noise +5V output for system operation : 0.5A max


Internal reference clock

Custom designed ultra low phase noise oscillation circuit

Isolated differential clock signal distribution

Clock output

Isolated clock output : U.FL connector x 4

Supply matching board for connecting target board

Single clock frequency for interface system

sCLK-EX12 : 12MHz

sCLK-EX25 : 25MHz

sCLK-EX48 : 48MHz

Optional other frequency available

Dual independent clock frequency for digital audio system

sCLK-EX2224 : 22.5792MHz, 24.576MHz

sCLK-EX4549 : 45.1584MHz, 49.152MHz

Optional other frequency available

Triple independent clock frequency for mother board & interface

sCLK-EX222412 : 11.2896MHz, 24.576MHz, 12MHz

sCLK-EX142548 : 14.318MHz, 25MHz, 48MHz

Optional other frequency available

Quad independent clock frequency for mother board & interface

sCLK-EX22241425 : 11.2896MHz, 24.576MHz, 14.318MHz, 25MHz

sCLK-EX14252648 : 14.318MHz, 25MHz, 26MHz, 48MHz

Optional other frequency available

Clock control input

Isolated control input connector x 2

Non isolated control input x 7

Optional USB control available

External master clock input : Optional

Input frequency : 10MHz (Optional other frequency available)

Isolated 50Ω external clock input : U.FL connector x 1

Isolated 75Ω external clock input : MCX connector x 1

Differential clock signal input & internal distribution

Power input

Input Voltage : 9Vdc ~ 12Vdc (optional 6.5Vdc ~ 8.5Vdc)

Operating current : 1A >

Power output

All output use ultra low noise regulator circuit

5V, 0.5A x 1

3.3V, 0.5A x 1

Power regulator circuit

Custom designed ultra low noise regulator circuit x 3

Standard ultra low noise regulator circuit x 1

Active noise canceller circuit


Audio grade film capacitors

Audio grade tantalum capacitors

Operating environment

Operating temperature range: +10 ~ +3oC

Storage temperature : 0 ~ +40oC

Operating & storage humidity : 10% ~ 90%